yes ini

Jamaica’s National Song Forgotten

Still merely entertainment for the colonizer,

hinterland state…forever the court jester.

Jumping at every ridiculous IMF request,

parliamentary puppets still managing her majesties interest.

Providing the rum and rooms in every cove and bay…

while aging without producing enough to grow out of economic dismay.

When will we ever tire of the drums and gyrating

long enough  to create a better future for coming generations.

Have we abandoned what it was for which our ancestors did fight,

to be guided and governed by others so inconsiderate of our basic human rights.

Yet to be revolted enough for a revolution,

still docile after over fifty years of the independent delusion.

Few remember singing –

“Jamaica land of beauty, We promise faithfully

To serve thee with our talents and bring our gifts to thee

Jamaica we will always in honour of thy name

Work steadfastly and wisely and never bring thee Shame…”