I refuse to partake in your celebration

of the sorrows of those who love you.

I cannot condone feasting in your dastardly banquet.

Watching you pick your teeth

with the bones of ill-gotten gains consumed.

Wiping from your lips the fat

in which you fried those dreams you killed.

Sitting contented in your dining room, surrounded

by the good-intentions of others

now decapitated, mounted high on the walls.

Worst to listen to you speak of your beneficence,

which is as elusive as your morals.

No longer deluded, I observe now.

Regarding attentively in disgusted silence

the havoc you release all too naturally.

As I endeavor to steer clear of your negativity.

Now that your obscenity has been thwarted,

the illusion is broken.

Loosening the ties that bind, all relations aborted.

ria – circa 2006