Jamaican Patois Interpreter

This is why Jamaican Patois requires interpreters – take for example:

‘aafa’ – a versatile Jamaican word

  1. mi naa aafa him none! – (I will not offer him any!)
  2. yu si how she lick aafa mi? – (did you see her hit at me?)
  3. is aafa bread him really a nyam? – (is he really eating a half of a bread?)
  4. how di pickney drap aafa di bed? – (how did the child fall off the bed?)
  5. him naah look aafa him madda! – (he is not taking care of his mother!)

Jamaican patois is a beautiful, colorful language. Although those who are fluent in it are still branded as persons who speak badly (chat bad), the intricacies of how it is used to express is fascinating. I read an article in one of our local newspapers that mentioned a shortage of Jamaican patios interpreters. The international linguistic community may just bolster the works of the Jamaica Language Unit in their drive to standardize our mother tongue. Being tired of hearing people fluent in the language being reprimanded in some way, it’s a relief to see what looks like strides in the right direction.  Good things take time, much gratitude to those working towards making it happen. Luv mi Jumieka Langwij.

Blessed Love.