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Greater Gains

Greater Gains
How would she know 
That leaving at the time

Had been the best thing

She could do for herself

Without a second thought

Having walked out just then

And never looking back 

Was exactly what she needed 

What she head towards

Was no longer so distant 

After deciding not to resist 

The tugging of her heart

Every moment before leaving 

Where mostly painful memories 

Of the extremes of self sacrifice 

Which nearly took her all

There was a time before then

When possibilities were abundant 

But a series of bad decisions 

Eventually diminished their numbers

At present the slightest chance 

Was all she had left for herself

And every choice she’d make

Intended to make the best of it

There was no way if knowing

How timely her exit had been

Until each act of letting go

Translated into greater gains
Ria 2017

On Obvious & Oblivious 

He learned slowly but surely

That there were variations 

To her angles and degrees 

Which colored each dimension.

She was not  simply plain 

And predictably obvious 

He indeed knew her a little 

But was mostly oblivious. -ria

On Last Week 

This past week has been

Trying to say the least

Having found myself 

In the belly of the beast.

It has been so exhausting 

Maintaining a positive attitude 

Leaving me with barely a modicum 

Of energy and mental fortitude. -ria



Her hands were shaking
And she knew immediately 

That some dormant domain

In her mind had been awakened 

It had her full attention 

Becoming the point of focus 

From which all acts evolved

And few words worth the mention

She had been well prepared

That every thought being process

Constructed the chosen route

To what her heart deeply desired

For years all that had mattered

Was how things might appear 

After beating at the glass ceiling 

Until it eventually shattered

Today she was trembling 

Knowing this was the giant leap

Which no experience before

Could come close to transcending 

Suddenly overcome with calmness

Her body began to feel relaxed 

Having finally found the impetus

That drove her to seek solace
Ria 2017

On More Blissful 

At the end of the hall

Was their private room

Down the short passage

Just past the little pool.

When they went inside

And locked the doors

It was always more blissful

That they could’ve hope for. -ria

That Night 

​That Night
Jutting off from the cliff

The tall pointed rocks

Ran down to the sea

Which crashed against it

The cold salty air there

Whipped through her hair

And dampened her clothes 

Though she hurried past

She knew that by morning 

When the household arose

They would search for her

But she’d have a head start

The path through the hills

Would take her directly

To the village he was from

Where they’d planned to meet 

It was dark and drizzling 

When she finally arrived

To find him waiting there

Just like he had promised

He fussed about her state

Repeatedly touching her belly

Asking if they were alright 

Before they hurried away 

That night they eloped

Never to be seen again

They’d been secret lovers

Originally lifelong friends 
Ria 2017

On Too Much 

He felt the need to withdraw

Always finding himself lately

Needing her very presence

And it bothered him slightly.

Loving her too much

Made him feel vulnerable 

But he’d finally found a heart

To which his was compatible. 

And the way she made him feel

Nothing at all was comparable. -ria

On The Half

Today is impossible 

For those who give up

But if you’re going to try

Keep your head held high.

Using whatever you have 

Knowing that the half

To get closer to your goals

Will never ever be told. -ria


Hardly a need for words

Since it was always very clear

In all their actions and efforts 

The strength of the love there

Where they always had laughter

And so much tenderness shared

With a mutual understanding 

Of how much they both cared

What they took time to discuss 

Where those secretly held desires

Which had become obvious 

Their togetherness had inspired 

There was nothing ordinary

Or clear cut in their relationship 

Which had naturally grown

Out of many years of friendship 

They had changed each other

In so many very positive ways

So obvious with the affection

That they consistently displayed

There was one simply thing

They demanded of each other

Was that they remain committed 

To ensuring it lasted forever
Ria 2017

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