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Auto Expulsion 

​Auto Expulsion 
The subtle caution

Before getting excited 

Spoke volumes of experiences 

With prior disappointments

Clearly it was ego

That would be so sure

With current information 

Stating what the odds were

Being in touch with reality 

And doing relevant research 

Should have been the course 

Of necessary action taken

That would explain the anxiety 

In the face of such enthusiasm 

Was more of a logical response 

Than all the unfounded hope

To even think for a moment 

That the risk of illness is greater 

Than the possibility of death

Speaks volumes in this situation 

The decision that was made

In the act of such auto expulsion 

Were for reasons greater

Than any answers that existed 

What it will definitely reveal 

Is the purest truth of it all

In the responses and reactions 

To that which really miscarried
Ria 2017

On Loves Other Side

I’m not afraid anymore 

The worst has past 

And having survived 

Makes me feel so alive.

What ever else might come

Cannot be gutted by such fear

Of any form of judgement 

Having surpassed those elements.

Since my life finally arrived

Over on loves other side. -ria


Things thought left behind 
Spread their tentacles

Into the present moment 

Making it way too murky

The immediate situation 

Deserving of such joy

Is denied the very pleasure

By residue from the past

Lighting a white candle

Breaking a clear tall glass 

Or burning fragrant incense

May prove worthy rituals

To breech the silken webs

That stretch into the now 

Tending to only tarnish

The gift that it truly is 

When what was a wish

Becomes precisely evident 

Old apprehension rises up

Only to be forcefully dismissed 

When happiness has come

All else must bolster it

And aid in its preservation 

To ensure its endurance 

Be on guard  for those things

Seeping in with sadness 

That have no place anywhere

In mutually exclusive bliss
Ria 2017

On Raising Regrets

​What kinda of father

Can call himself a man

Looking in the mirror

Facing all he hadn’t done. 

Shrouded in such shame

Bearing down on his shoulders 

Raising nothing but regrets 

And hate as he grew older. -ria

Comes & Goes

​Comes & Goes
On days when it comes
It submerges completely 

Within its very depths

Forced holding of breath

Eyes bulging wide open

In the mercurial darkness

While groping its passages

As the fear slowly increases

Still stumbling along silently

Wanting constantly to scream

But no sound can ever escape 

Which would possibly articulate 

During those dark moments 

Singularity is made clear

In the most central region 

Of uttermost separation 

On days when it goes

And the deluge subsides

Just before the beginning 

Of the final fatal undoing

The receding inundation 

Takes place rather slowly 

Filling tight stifling spaces

With delightful absorbances

And the weight that’s moved

Makes enough adjustments 

For the emergence of smiles

To carry on for many miles

Along the dried paths reformed

Stretching across  the bridge

Guiding all ultimate direction 

Within the natural connection 
Ria 2017

On Original Form

Wanting only some days

To dissipate into the ether

Every particle reconstituted 

With its original form of matter. 

Instead of a solid whole

Taking about all it can endure

Finding just utterly unbearable 

The intermittence of pleasure.-ria


Since the rebirth of goodness

Invoked by a rebellious nature 

Which was often reconstructive 

Where love was more conducive 

When lines had to be segmented

While stepping back to observe

The demarcations it had created 

Where feelings were misstated

In the middle of what was 

An upheaval in the very existence 

And an unhinging loneliness

That played on every weakness 

Having left behind the emptiness 

Which after so many tiring years 

Had long ago morphed into a shell

Encasing nothing but a practiced hell

Caught in the web of habit

One indication of doubt again

Aroused those archaic familiar fears

Of possibilities that may disappear 


Caught yet again in the act

And refocused possible energy

On the mammoth metamorphosis 

Through which life must transit

With marked changes emerging

And a renewed source circulating 

That blurred any such dividing line 

Where a potent mixture recombined
Ria 2017

On The Low Tide

The water doesn’t brush up

Against the sea wall anymore

And the exposed sand crackles

Under the waves of salty tides. 

When the moon begins to wane

As it has been lately with the low tide 

There is no fighting the despondency 

That scuttles in under the shadows. -ria


When they had finally left her

She rose up off the floor

Knowing she had to get away

So they wouldn’t beat her more

At first she was seated

Then standing on the chair

Saw the dusty closet top

And pulled myself up there

The space was small between 

And her knees touched the top

Knocking out the vent grill

The carpet muffled its drop

Squeezing into the crawlspace 

Narrow against her shoulders

The farther in she crawled 

Was the more it got colder

After a hundred meters in

She’d found it difficult 

Around the final corner

The vent started sloping up

Bracing against two walls

Inching up the small space

At the top the sharp edges

Were tricky to safely grasp

Inside the filthy hot attic

She didn’t waste any more time

Kicked a hole through the roof

And let in the setting sunlight 

Being out their on the very top

Never made her feel more free

Still all that climbing was evidence 

She’d be all that she could be

Heading towards the fire escape 

As soon as her feet hit the ground 

She walked off and blended in

Knowing she’d never again be found 

After being locked in that house

Held prisoner for countless days

She was never good at climbing 

But it had helped her get away
Ria 2017

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