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Jamaican flavored – Wood, Needle & Word Craft

On Life’s Sweetness 

It was beginning to feel

Like a hopeless cycle

Right up to the very point 

That he found this miracle .

And nothing that happened 

Before this for him occurred

Seemed at all relevant now

That life’s sweetness mattered. -ria


On Their Love

He’d use both hands

Gently holding her face,

While kissing her softly

He melted in her embrace. 

It was not a goodbye 

Since they rarely ever parted

Either absent only briefly 

Since their love affair started. -ria

The Best Of Themselves 

​The Best Of Themselves 
His attachment to her
Was rather unexpected 

Even she was shocked

At how they connected

He would often wonder 

What if she’d not decided

That it all meant too much 

For either of them to hide it

What then could become 

Of their intimate feelings

Had their union not ensured

Their lives filled with meaning

Both often wondering why

It took them so long to meet

Being so very compatible 

Each other now felt complete

Her commitment to him

Was focused and intense

And what they chose to share

Was the best of themselves 

Once fragile hearts fused

Locked in love together 

Energized in each moment 

Until the very last forever
Ria 2017

On What Remains 

Now the unbreakable bond 

Linking some destined hearts

Under the mound of things

That could tear all else apart.

Was still strong and holding

Together what it must

Connected to a future time 

While what remains adjusts. -ria


He was bending over
Staring at the floor tiles

Dizzy and a bit nauseous 

After running for miles 

Every day at the gym

Was a race in his mind 

That he could never win

No matter how he tried 

For years he’d worked out

But the reasons changed 

When life had transitioned 

Through a difficult phase

Since then what chased him

Was difficult to fully define 

But had come way too close

And felt like a painful reminder 

When the room stop spinning 

He stood upright and sighed 

Feeling the dreadful weight 

Of what inside him had died

Memories linked in chains

That he’d been trying to escape 

Mostly the repercussions from

Old heartbreak and mistakes 
Ria 2017

On Potential 

Under the weight of it

Braced in the middle 

To enhance the balance 

Without the trembling.

Always pushing upward

Into the unknown regions

Of our greatest potential 

That’ll be worth remembering. -ria

The Empty Spaces

​The Empty Spaces
Hardly any had remained 

When all was said and done

But for the relevant parts

Everything else was gone

The feeling of such a loss

Had made it much more real

And bring to the forefront 

Issue that time couldn’t heal

What had been left behind 

Would not be taken for granted 

Regardless of all the regrets

And other areas left wanting 

Sometimes only the pain

Seem to fill the empty spaces 

Leaving no means or room

For a pleasant replacement 

As for the gaping wounds

Which time brought no closure

Emitted a variety of odors

Requiring air and exposure

The main difference now

Was that changes would come

And begin the painful process 

Until the healing was done
Ria 2017

On Nothing To Hide

It was risky behavior 

But he didn’t really care

They had both been honest

Before she invited him there.

He was patient and protective

While she waited to decide

If he was actually so sincere 

That she’d have nothing to hide. -ria

Broken Vows

​Broken Vows
How he had even survived 
Before this whole thing began

Hoping to eventually forget

What had gone so wrong 

They had first met that day

In the big back parking lot 

And what had started then

Neither of them could stop

There is something strange 

About the intensity of attraction 

When so intently focused

Without any possible distractions 

On their  weekends together 

Neither came up for air

As each flooded the other 

With the nectar of love affairs 

Resting for another round

The no disturb sign hanging

Their giggling masked the sound 

Of his wife quietly entering 

She spoke directly to him

And spat expletives at her 

Screaming for the most part

That she’d make them suffer

He advised her to go home

And stop putting on a show 

With this absurd behavior 

He thought she’d outgrown 

His wife knew it all began

After she’d broken their vows

And how he reacted to it

Was outside her of powers

How she felt about his lover

Was clear in her pained face

Seeing him so in love again 

Meant she had been replaced. 
Ria 2017

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