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Parts, Pieces & Portions 

​Parts, Pieces & Portions
It can only be experienced 

In sections at a time

The entirety never seen

All at once in one scene

The parts are separated

Simply for the purpose

Of not delving minds

Into overwhelming times

Small shards strewn

Scattered across areas

With numerous amounts

Pieces too vast to count 

Yet in these quantities

It’s such an amassment

The aggregation observed

Usually admired unreserved 

A minute share is received

Still that little is a whole lot

When weighed to balance

Equally against all chance

The amount being allotted

Of time and love in life cycles

Is best when accepted 

Improved and respected 
Ria 2017

On New Lives

While thrashing through

The turbulent passages

Assured this too must past, 

Like the violence of all birth

Inevitably to make a way

For new life to come at last,

And savour the horizon 

With all it’s potential 

So welcoming and vast. -ria

Love Overrated 

​Love Overrated 
Later that evening 

When he saw her

Having come back

Thinking she’d recover

The marks on her neck

And bruises on her face 

Had him wondering why

He’d returned to this place

The sight of her again

Was making him recall

How much his angry rages

Had always been her fault 

Whatever she had gotten 

Was what she deserved

And if she was feisty again

He had more on reserve 

She just never listened 

And that was aggravating 

Claiming to love him

When love was overrated 

She had not moved

Or even looked at him

But faced the window 

Since he’d walked in

Feeling ignored again

He gave her back a thump

Her body fell to the floor

In a stiff hardened lump

That’s when he realized 

Just what he had done 

Paralyzed by fear 

He could not even run

He called his father’s phone

Saying his wife was dead

Then waited on him to come

But he sent the police instead

He never once thought 

That it would end this way

And blamed her daily

For being locked away
Ria 2017

On All Honesty 

​When I got back home 

Recently from vacation,

I decided to face up 

To my pressing situation.

Still some tough questions 

I have to find answers for

In all honesty thought 

It’s been going well so far. -ria

Her Words

Her Words
It took a little while

Before she would try

To finally just relax

And speak her mind

Those words being left 

Behind in the years

Of utter apprehension 

Entangled in such fear

Found their way now

Into the forefront boldly

To express more freely

With uncensored vocabulary 

She chose words carefully 

Always bearing in mind

The vast  importance

Of ensuring they were kind 

Being very accustomed 

To her silence in the past

Caused her every word

To have him at a loss

Her words were so tender

And they were clear and true

That he was somewhat afraid

Of what else she was able to do
Ria 2017 

On Serendipity & Such

There is a way ahead,

A path for each to take.

Being always mindful of

The decisions one makes.

At each fork in the road

Our choices will define

The serendipity and such

To which one is inclined. -ria

Hearts Intersect 

Hearts Intersect

​Each day is more beautiful 

Now with our togetherness 

Whatever the particular shape

Our interactions might take

Having found so much 

In an unexpected place, 

With all that had happened 

Eventually faded and forgotten. 

These days are wondrous 

Rising on a wave of truth

That tends to smooth and refine

Making things more defined

What was lost faded away

Creating a special space 

To experience so much bliss

Tempered with tenderness 

Hearts for so long yearned

To find its complement 

And a love so palpable 

Revealed in what’s compatible

Time tends to unite lives

That where ever it is

They intentionally intersect

Is on eternities precept
Ria 2017

On Second Thought 

If it had occurred sooner,

At the time more care 

Would have been taken,

With different results.

There were alternatives

Which had not been chosen.

On second thought, clearly

It was as it should be. -ria

Positive Reinforcement 

Ria (KOKO) on vacation in Texas… 😀
Positive Reinforcement 
I’ve come up with a detailed plan

Of what happens after this vacation

It will require every ounce of energy 

To proceed towards my destination 

It means that there will be letting go

Of things and people and places

And not allowing myself to be haunted 

By the results of others choices

There’s also a contingency plan

That has always been necessary 

And minor tweaks along the way

To keep things contemporary 

It doesn’t matter what others think 

As long as I don’t procrastinate 

Since so far that has not worked out

In any way to reconcile my fate

The hardest part so far has been

Coming to terms with my role

After all these years of survival 

Without accomplishing my goals

One thing I’m intent on getting done

Is focusing my energy on myself now

It’s been aimed so long at external things

That I’ve abandoned my desires somehow 

In all the living for other people

I’ve pushed myself aside

But this is the time I’m claiming 

To find the will to be energize 

Now what I have planned is private

And cannot be shared in this poem

But I welcome all well wishes 

And positive reinforcement at this time. 
Ria 2017

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