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Secret Routes & Reasons


Secret Routes & Reasons

She had often found herself
In these dead-end places
With no way to ever return
To reclaim what had passed

Sacrificing herself repeatedly
Giving away large portions
With unrequited dedication
On other people’s behalf Continue reading “Secret Routes & Reasons”

On Each Equation

There is no one right way
But many paths to the source
How any one will take it
Is simply a matter of course.
Many factors to each equation
Calculating methods may vary
Solutions are never ever simple
And consequences often contrary. -ria

How To Feel


How To Feel

She had never imagined
That he would say such things
And in the moment, she froze
Mouth agape without realizing

She could not even speak
He’d stated the painful truth
That had over some time
Begin to bear its secret fruit Continue reading “How To Feel”

On Only This

His hands ran across her shoulders
And then slowly down her arms
He said that she should rest assured
This love would bring them no harm.
They knew of some of the turmoil
Which subsequently could arise
But had only this once in a lifetime
And hearts that couldn’t compromise. -ria

Beyond Broken

john monks

Beyond Broken

It felt so familiar
Standing in the foyer
Looking at the oval mirror
Which was no longer there.

Walking down the passage
Stopping at the bookshelf
Searching for a message
To reinforce the sense of self Continue reading “Beyond Broken”

On No Words

It’s true there are no words
Which could begin describing,
Silence speaks best sometimes
Though it’s much less beguiling.
Still the avenues missed
As well as others encounter
Gives, takes, and still insists
That all stakes empower. – ria

On Life’s Sweetness 

It was beginning to feel

Like a hopeless cycle

Right up to the very point

That he found this miracle .

And nothing that happened

Before this for him occurred

Seemed at all relevant now

That life’s sweetness mattered. -ria

On Their Love

He’d use both hands

Gently holding her face,

While kissing her softly

He melted in her embrace. 

It was not a goodbye 

Since they rarely ever parted

Either absent only briefly 

Since their love affair started. -ria

The Best Of Themselves 

​The Best Of Themselves 
His attachment to her
Was rather unexpected 

Even she was shocked

At how they connected

He would often wonder 

What if she’d not decided

That it all meant too much 

For either of them to hide it

What then could become 

Of their intimate feelings

Had their union not ensured

Their lives filled with meaning

Both often wondering why

It took them so long to meet

Being so very compatible 

Each other now felt complete

Her commitment to him

Was focused and intense

And what they chose to share

Was the best of themselves 

Once fragile hearts fused

Locked in love together 

Energized in each moment 

Until the very last forever
Ria 2017

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