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Rolling out of bed again 

Reluctant to start the day

Going through the motions 

In the same familiar way

Heading off to the factory

In the worn out uniform

To undertake the drudgery

Which had become the norm

Never much of a gambler

But decided to take a chance

Since being a such a coward 

Hadn’t changed the circumstance

Using the ticket as a bookmark

At the end of the commute daily

The week went on as normal

And was rather average really

At last on Friday evening 

Collecting the meager salary

Then subtracted all expenses

And could scarcely afford groceries 

On Saturday night alone at home

Having the usual TV dinner

They numbers on the ticket 

Where announced as the winner

This meant life would change

And never be ordinary again 

Since with lottery millions

A brand new chapter begins
Ria 2017 (Mar 24)
Written in response to the Daily Post Prompt – Ordinary

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The Dawn Of Chaos 

​The Dawn Of Chaos
The sound of large wings
Flapping across darken skies

Brought tears to their eyes

What could be done now

With this return of terror

Due to one obstinate error

Tales told in hushed tones

Had passed for generations 

About this very fear’s origination

The elders could tell immediately 

That much more dread would spawn

Before the horrific break of dawn

There was a longstanding pact

Which kept this for years at bay

Until this dreadful coming day 

But young kings always feel

That to honor old agreements 

Demands too much sacrament

Yet the people would be taxed

As what was cutting through the skies

Was fearful prelude to pained cries

They would have been more prepared

Had they known the charming young king

Could have done such an obstinate thing

But all the underground passages

Were sealed off decades before

And the panic shed light on that error

There would be bloodshed

And much loss of life in the morning 

As this trepidation was a warning 

The young regent had ordered

That trees be taken from the forest

To construct a brand new palace

And was warned by the elders 

That it had been a bad idea 

To decimate the old sacred area

But the arrogance of youth

Ignored their words of caution

Blinded by selfish ambition

The sun rose with the chaos

As the fires and pillaging began

Not many survived the angry dragons

And the few who lived to tell this tale

Did not suffer the victimisation 

Of an individual’s selfish decisions 
Ria 2017

On Multiple Facets 

Every incremental gain

Requires one thing

Having faith in yourself

Even before you begin.

Regardless of all else

Trust in your abilities

Will open multiple facets 

Releasing endless possibilities. -ria


So shall it be

And when it begins

Come what may

It will be taken. 

No disagreement 

But in full stride

Along the whole way

In measured steps

Shedding no tears 

Over whatever spills

Cleaning any mess

Then on with progress

It is unnecessary 

To argue at all

When what is to be

Is as it rightly should 

Who would dare

To question even now

At this delicate point 

Even a portion of what is

Acceptance is such that

The serenity of gratitude 

Paves the way to it

In all circumstances.
Ria 2017

Written in response to the Daily Post Prompt – Acceptance

<a href="">Acceptance</a>


The burdens we bear 

Will have us quivering 

Under its weight 

But still we hold firm

We give our all

Alone under pressure 

Gripping tighter still

With much energy burnt

Struggling from our knees 

Forcing upwards until 

Our spine is straightened

And we are standing tall 

Balancing over time

Until we lay them down

And forge ahead to pass

What seemed like walls 

Muscles still tender

Some became very sore 

From the way we carry

Burdens that leave scars

Yet we are able to move on

Marveling even ourselves 

With our reservoir of strength 

And how it’s taken us far
Ria 2017

On Seeing  Through 

She trusted her instincts 

And it never did matter

What was said otherwise 

Her mind told her better. 

Sometimes it was painful 

To see through the lies

As the always felt like

Sharp splinters in her eyes. -ria


He was wide awake

And sure he wasn’t dreaming 

He walked slowly into the room

Naked and smiling she greet him

He had been courting her 

But it hadn’t been that long

So he had his suspicions

That something was wrong

He walked towards the bed

And was about to undress

But it plagued his mind

That nothing felt right with this

Why would she throw at him

When they had agreed to wait 

And invited him to come over

Laying there like fresh bait

She said she was ready

But he brought her a robe

And covering her nudity

Initiating a verbal probe

What he then garnered

From their conversation 

Is she felt that giving her body

Would guarantee his dedication 

He explained that his desire

Was to consummate with his wife

To whom he would be committed 

For the rest of his natural life

There was no need to rush

Into the sex and physical aspects

Since their union was founded

On mutual love and respect 
Ria 2017

On Striving 

The magnitude of it

Was more obvious to her

Now that it had been assessed

Leaving her rather perturbed. 

He was quick to tell her 

How every solution would fail

And could not comprehend 

How no one came to her aid. 

Although it was very overwhelming 

Her only option was to keep striving. -ria

The Surface 

​The Surface 
Tired from treading water

Her face barely broke the surface 

But she still managed to breathe

Even as the tides rose and fell

She’d fallen into the deep 

And sunk so low in the dark

At first heading the wrong way

Turning because it didn’t feel like up

Gasping for air and flailing around

Her lungs would have collapsed 

Had she not changed direction

Towards a source of oxygen

It seemed like a moonless night 

No lights ashore in the distance 

Looking up at the multitude of stars

And deciding in that moment to survive 

The water was not all that cold

And no obvious predators threatened

Floating on her back to rest a while

Since the waters were still calm

When the waves started getting bigger

She resorted to treading water again

With the hope that the sun would rise

Before exhaustion totally took over

In the darkness before dawn

She had felt the most alone

And realized there was no one

Who would come to rescue her

When the sun broke the horizon 

She saw an island in the expanse

Although weakened swam towards it

And whatever her future held

She could not judge the distance 

Or foresee any dangers ahead

Yet she was being propelled

And energized by gratefulness
Ria 2017

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