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Broken Vows

​Broken Vows
How he had even survived 
Before this whole thing began

Hoping to eventually forget

What had gone so wrong 

They had first met that day

In the big back parking lot 

And what had started then

Neither of them could stop

There is something strange 

About the intensity of attraction 

When so intently focused

Without any possible distractions 

On their  weekends together 

Neither came up for air

As each flooded the other 

With the nectar of love affairs 

Resting for another round

The no disturb sign hanging

Their giggling masked the sound 

Of his wife quietly entering 

She spoke directly to him

And spat expletives at her 

Screaming for the most part

That she’d make them suffer

He advised her to go home

And stop putting on a show 

With this absurd behavior 

He thought she’d outgrown 

His wife knew it all began

After she’d broken their vows

And how he reacted to it

Was outside her of powers

How she felt about his lover

Was clear in her pained face

Seeing him so in love again 

Meant she had been replaced. 
Ria 2017

On Just Recalling 

When the days are hot

And the nights are short

He thinks of her often. 

Not in an obsessive way

But just recalling yet again

The finer details of last time. 

She had been the very first 

And possibly a good reason 

For his renewed enthusiasm. -ria

Every Ounce

​Every Ounce
While life kept pushing 
All her efforts into a corner

Knowing full well it made

Any possible progress harder

Thought she’d found a way 

Around the discouragement 

It would require every ounce

Of her strength and consistence

She had become accustomed 

To persevering under pressure 

After developing a clear vision 

And route to her true treasures 

No amount of the deterrents

Could ever again afflict her mind

To forget the manifest destiny 

To which her heart was inclined 

Life had a special way of taking 

Sharp curves and narrow ways

But she remained very focused

Regardless of discouraging delays. 

She had seen the detailed future

That her actions would create

And accepted that her decisions

Made her master of her fate 

Ria 2017

On Loving Surrender 

He had his hooks in her

She did not try to escape 

But adjusted within instead 

In order to create space.

The place where they joined 

Would always be tender

And much more delicate

Was their loving surrender.  -ria


He was never the one

To be sorry for himself

As the pressure rose

Thoughts got more intense

Wasting not one moment 

Wallowing in self pity

Since engaging his brain

Sorted through complexity 

There were some solutions 

Which don’t come to mind

Before thorough thinking

Over what is to be redefined

Then with focused intentions 

On what’s to be accomplished 

The route to the actual goal

Is then thoroughly established 

Having never been the type

To accept sympathetic gestures

When finding suitable resolutions 

Gave him so much more pleasure 

The effects of his diligence

And his unwavering fate

Strengthens the foundation 

Beneath the greatness he creates
Ria 2017

Risking Tomorrow 

​Risking Tomorrow 
The little transparent wings

Were flapping fast as they could

Towards the light from the candle

Which wasted no time to singe 

To death such inquisitive things 

There is no item of interest 

That should be so captivating 

That it can deprive one of

Acquiring what would be best

Without even the slightest protest

Fluttering to the very end

Watching the best of us fade

As we fly towards the source

Often blinded by what we defend

Driven to an untimely descent

But the pull of the lovely glow

Has broken some curious hearts

And left many others in similar pain

Familiar only to those who know

The value of risking tomorrow 
The heights around the heat 

Are only seen by the very brave

Knowing that even but to try

Is for the most part sweet

When the effort is complete 

Ria 2017 

On Meaningful Things 

She never liked small talk

And preferred conversations 

Which required taking the route

Of least frivolous interactions. 

There were meaningful things

That hearts and minds will hide

Behind the very decayed facade

Covering variations of pride. -ria

On Every Little Thing 

The general idea right now

Is to implement proper plans

So that before things change

There would be preparations.

Since it would be very late

To begin amidst the drought

Trying to fix every little thing 

That could have been sorted out.  -ria


It had begun to feel

As though a whole lifetime 

Was spent in preparation 

Creating specific guidelines 

With the mixed emotions 

Came the time to implement 

All the little intricate details 

Of a mellowed temperament

He had brought into her life

The type of satisfaction 

That is only worthy of

Utter and complete dedication 

Finding now at this juncture 

Having gotten so much more

Than even to this point

They had both bargained for 

Devotion made a difference

In their unusual union

She had filled him up fully

Leaving no area in exclusion

He had become her solace

And every moment together 

Was the making of a love 

Fortified under pressure
Ria 2017

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